After a disappointing IVF cycle at a previous clinic I began to contact several others by email, it was then I came across Zeren. She was the only coordinator who insisted on a personal phone call to discuss things in-depth. She was the only one that didn’t bring up the use of donor eggs and believed a change in protocol was what was needed for me to have a better response with my own eggs. She was there with me every step of the way, communication via WhatsApp was fantastic. I found Dr. protocol easy to understand and any questions I had were answered straight away by Zeren. Both my husband and I were at ease when meeting Zeren and Dr. for our first scan in Cyprus. Dr. speaks great English and is very personable and caring. Egg collection was a breeze and to my surprise I got more than double the amount of eggs I had previously. I had ACgh testing to know my embryos were fully healthy. Planning a frozen transfer was simple and we made a lovely little holiday out of the trip. Dr. transferred 2 embryos into my uterus and the procedure was simple and painless. I am now pregnant with twin boys and couldn’t be happier with the outcome and the level of care and professionalism we have received. I highly recommend Zeren and Dr Zehr


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