I always knew we would have to IVF treatment as my husband at the age of 27 had testicular cancer. He had a testicle removed and then chemotherapy.

We had our first cycle in the UK in 2015 and were lucky enough to get our son.

In 2017 we decided we wanted to add to our family. We decided to research IVF abroad. We had a few reasons for this. One was success rates, price but the most important was we wanted full chromosomal testing of our embryos. This was due to our ages, and it also reduced the chances of failed transfers.

We chose a clinic and had our first round, unfortunately it wasn’t successful and we were unhappy with elements of the treatment with the clinic. Mainly communication, support and the number of eggs collected. They told me I would not have future children without having to use donor eggs. I found them trying to push me into a route I didn’t want to take as it was the easiest route.

I first made contact with Zeren and found her absolutely brilliant. A wealth of knowledge, everything was explained well, prompt responses to emails. Skype consultations whenever we needed it.

We also got to chat with Dr. too, I explained our past experiences and gave a full history. She tailored our medication, plan, tests everything for us. I was surprised how easy and smooth it was!

She was shocked at what the first clinic said about only conceiving with donor eggs, my age was on my side, my pre-tests and hormone results were all spot on. She said a different protocol should yield better results. We trusted her and two months later we flew to Cyprus.

When we got to the clinic both Zeren and Dr. were there, we had scans and blood tests to ensure I was in tip top condition and that I was ready for collection. Luckily everything was perfect and we proceeded with egg collection.

On my two previous cycles I didn’t have great numbers in fact only 4 and 5 eggs collected each time. Under Dr. medication regime and monitoring she retrieved 14! We were over the moon!

I returned to them to have a FET cycle. We had 2 two top quality embryos transferred.

I am also proud to say that under their care and guidance I am now pregnant with twins and everything is going swimmingly.

I found Team Z to be efficient, prompt, empathetic, kind, knowledgeable and most importantly the best at their jobs there is. I thank them every day for helping to completing our family.


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