After many failed ICSI attempts in the UK, I came to terms with my eggs being of poor quality. I was advised that Egg donation was the best way forward and underwent counselling. After researching different clinics in the UK, I realised that there was a waiting list for donors and also the cost was very expensive, so I broadened my search to overseas.
When looking for clinics abroad I found it overwhelming as there were so many and all had a service to sell.

I contacted many clinics in Europe and North Cyprus, I had a telephone call from Zeren after 10 minutes of sending her an email and found her so easy to speak with, after discussing the treatment aspects she then sent an email with the treatment information and the tests needed. She then arranged a consultation call with Dr. for me.

At each stage I was approached with care and they were always professional making the process so straight forward. When I selected my donor, I then began my medication and followed the treatment protocol sent. I travelled to Cyprus and had my first meeting with Dr. and Zeren at the Kolan Hospital, we decided to hire a car and found reaching the hospital very straight forward.

I then spent the next few days relaxing with my partner and we found that combining a holiday with the treatment reduced our stress levels.

We had our transfer and all went so smoothly, the nurses at the centre were so friendly and helpful, it all felt right and we are now waiting for our test day and any worries I have Zeren is here to help.


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