The team sincerely aims for the best outcome for everyone

I have worked with both Dr. and Zeren for IVF treatment for infertility due to endometriosis and they are both a pleasure to work with. Zeren is very knowledgeable and provides helpful information for patients coming from the US as I did. She thoroughly explained the process and quickly responded to all of my questions. […]

I was advised that Egg donation

After many failed ICSI attempts in the UK, I came to terms with my eggs being of poor quality. I was advised that Egg donation was the best way forward and underwent counselling. After researching different clinics in the UK, I realised that there was a waiting list for donors and also the cost was […]

I started my treatment in May 2017.

I started my treatment in May 2017 with Dr. and Zeren as my coordinator. Initially I was worried about travelling abroad for IVF but my worries were completely unnecessary. No language barrier at all. Dr. is highly professional, kind and compassionate she really makes you feel at ease during your treatment. Zeren was my rock […]

I always knew we would have to IVF treatment

I always knew we would have to IVF treatment as my husband at the age of 27 had testicular cancer. He had a testicle removed and then chemotherapy. We had our first cycle in the UK in 2015 and were lucky enough to get our son. In 2017 we decided we wanted to add to […]

I contacted clinics in North Cyprus…

I contacted clinics in North Cyprus, as a single women wanting a baby I felt that an email was not information to make a decision on. When I had a phone call from Zeren, she was very kind and not judgemental that I wanted a child but did not have a partner. I spoke with […]

I had an excellent experience

I had an excellent experience with Zeren and Dr. After 2 failed cycles at other clinics and after reading such positive feedback and results from many other women I decided to cycle here. The communication from the start was absolutely seamless. After my previous fails in the past I was anxious and was always asking […]

From the moment we got there we knew…

After 4 failed IVF cycles in the UK my husband and I decided we were going to take the plunge and cycle with Zeren and Dr. in Cyprus. From the moment we got there we knew we had made the right decision. Every detail of our cycle and treatment plan was carefully analysed and changes […]

After a disappointing IVF cycle…

After a disappointing IVF cycle at a previous clinic I began to contact several others by email, it was then I came across Zeren. She was the only coordinator who insisted on a personal phone call to discuss things in-depth. She was the only one that didn’t bring up the use of donor eggs and […]

Thank you Team-Z – Cyprus ivf centre

This whole experience can be very daunting but for me, my patient coordinator Zeren made me feel at ease and gave me the reassurance and support I needed to go through the whole process.Zeren was my first point of contact, for quite some time before I began treatment and no amount of questions were ever […]

After 18 months of treatment…Cyprus ivf Center

Cyprus ivf Center After 18 months of treatment, and from day one of being under Zeren’s care, I knew that when she moved to Kolan Hospital, despite the financial implications and the complications of moving my embryos, I had to continue my care with her at her new place of work. This of course combined […]