Our Center

Kolan Brıtısh Ivf Center

Our Hospital was first established in 2012 and is fully equipped for all surgeries major and minor and is equipped with its own Intensive Care Unit. The hospital offers care in all health departments such as Paediatric care, Cardiology, Acupuncture, Neurology, Dentistry and many more services are offered.

We provide a first class service in Reproductive Endocrinology and IVF, we hold ISO 9001 certification and out of the 5 years we have been established we have won best Hospital of the year for 3 years running.

It is always safer for patients to undergo IVF treatment in a fully equipped hospital that can cater for all departments. There is 24/7 all around care for any complications (although rare) that can occur, these can be haemorrhage, ovulation, severe pain etc.

Since the establishment of our IVF laboratory, it is fully equipped with the latest equipment and technology to help aid with embryo development and give the best chances of pregnancy. Our laboratory is equipped with Embryoscope and this helps to monitor embryo development without interrupting the embryo environment.

We provide the latest in technology to select the right sperm with IMSI (this enlarges the sperm specimen under a highly magnified microscope for sperm selection) system in our laboratory. We provide all forms of Genetic testing within our facilities for couples who are need to check their genetic makeup. By applying the most modern technology in our IVF laboratory.

Genes within an embryo can be screened for couples who are known to be carriers of certain genetic disorders (e.g. single gene disorders such as thalassemia, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anaemia) and they have the chance to fall pregnant with a healthy baby that does not have the genetic disorder. Chromosomes can also be screened within an embryo by embryology-directed PGT, PGS (array CGH, NGS) genetic tests.

Further testing such as the ERA test, which allows us to determine which day the embryo is more suitable for transfer and this allows a more personalised protocol for transfer, and there are immunity tests that can show whether the maternal immune system hinders a healthy pregnancy and if treatment is successfully applied then the treatment concept is more intimate and directed to the patient individually.

Genetic Testing can be carried out on Egg donors also to make sure they are also not carriers of a specific genetic mutation that is found in the male, to ensure that an embryo is healthy before a transfer.

Microsort (a method of separating the sperm according to the X and Y chromosomes to achieve pregnancy of the desired sex) services can be provided to couples who wish to balance their family.

In addition to our IVF service, our center also provides all forms of Donation (Egg, sperm and embryo donation as well as Tandem cycle) and Genetic services in line with the legal structure of the TRNC.

A ‘Healthy Gamete (Egg or/and Sperm) leads to a Healthy Embryo’ and this is the concept for our donor selection and enables us to ensure that patients have the best chance of pregnancy. Sperm donor are obtained from certified sperm banks, and they are subjected to all tests via the sperm bank and then are evaluated by the TRNC Ministry of Health, to make sure there is no genetic or infectious diseases before arriving into North Cyprus.

Our egg donors are subjected to detailed examination, psychological and gynaecological evaluation during the recruitment phase, all tests are conducted for all necessary genetic and infectious diseases, and they are tested repeatedly during a set time. We can apply any kind of genetic testing for egg donors, including to determine if they are a carrier of a certain genetic disorder with Recombine testing.

Couples who are unable to fall pregnant because of a sperm factor (azospermia) are able to have a TESE/TESA are performed on site with a high sperm retrieval ability by our urology doctors who are also experienced in andrology.

We have the advantage of being an active and functional hospital with all forms of support available, from psychological counselling services to our active dietician who can help with nutritional guidance during fertility treatment.

We are honoured that we can provide a quality service to our patients which in turn reflects our success rates up to 85-90% in IVF. Treatment begins with the necessary investigation by our specialists, who then design a protocol for you. When the IVF cycle begins our embryologists who are very experienced and use the latest technology in our laboratory, help to keep our standard of service and success for treatment. We are a team at hand and ready to support all patients help fulfil the dream of completing your ideal family.