I contacted clinics in North Cyprus, as a single women wanting a baby I felt that an email was not information to make a decision on. When I had a phone call from Zeren, she was very kind and not judgemental that I wanted a child but did not have a partner. I spoke with many other clinics and I personally made the choice to travel to Cyprus and meet personally with two clinics. When I entered the hospital I was warmly greeted and Zeren came straight away to meet with me.

I met with Dr. and discussed my want for a child and I did not want to wait to find the ‘right man’ as my AMH levels were declining. She was so kind and supportive, I knew then that this was the centre for me. I had a detailed consultation along with my scan, blood tests were also available with the results back the same day. I left Cyprus with my plan for treatment set and my medication. With WhatsApp contact with Zeren, she helped to coordinate my treatment and I then travelled to back to Cyprus for my treatment. I am so happy I chose the Kolan British IVF Centre as I am now pregnant and so grateful to the team as they made my dreams come true.


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