Ivf Treatment for women over 45 years: Recent choices of lifestyle in women has shown that women are now conceiving at a later age or are deterring from starting a family because they want to focus on their career. When a women is fulfilled in her career and ready to start a family, the question is, will she be too late? The answer to this is no, as IVF is ready and available for women of a mature age.

Women considering IVF treatment are evaluated on their hormone levels and whether using their own eggs is a viable option but women over the age of 45 will have a chance of success with an Egg donor.

In Vitro Fertilization is a technique of reproduction that occurs under laboratory conditions when self-conception does cannot take place because of age related factors, these are:

  • Menopause
  • Low ovarian reserve
  • Poor egg quality

These factors reduce the chances of falling pregnant, women over the age of 45 that still ovulate, have less than a 5% chance of falling pregnant with their own eggs and a higher chance of a miscarriage.

Egg donation treatment allows women over the age of 45 to conceive and have over an 80% chance of pregnancy and minimise the chances of a miscarriage.

IVF with an Egg Donor is when fertilisation takes place with the sperm of the partner that is microinjected (ICSI) into the selected donor`s eggs, the injected eggs are then left in an incubator over night to fertilise. In short the fertilised embryo is developed in laboratory environment and on a certain day of development is then injected into the female recipient. Women who are not able to freeze their eggs at a younger age, have the opportunity to complete their family with donor eggs.

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